Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is there any good songs about child abuse?(not Physical. just sexual mistreatment)?

i heard concrete angel. that was about pysical|||Dear Mr. Jesus

Dear Mr. Jesus, I just had to write to you

Something really scared me, when I saw it on the news

A story 'bout a little girl beaten black and blue

Jesus, thought I'd take this right to you

Dear Mr. Jesus, I don't understand

Why they took her mom and dad away

I know that they don't mean to hit with wild and angry hands

Tell them just how big they are I pray

Please don't let them hurt your children

We need love and shelter from the storm

Please don't let them hurt your children

Won't you keep us safe and warm

Dear Mr. Jesus, they say that she may die

Oh I hope the doctors stop the pain

I know that you could save her and take her up to the sky

So she would never have to hurt again

Please don't let them hurt your children..

Dear Mr. Jesus, please tell me what to do

And please don't tell my daddy

But my mommy hits me, too.

Please don't let them hurt your children...

you can find the tune on YouTube|||Let me guess you wanna play this while rapping a child???? Ok high way to hell by AC/DC|||Janie's got a gun by Aerosmith. the song is about incest and child sexual abuse.

Janie's got a gun lyrics

Dum, dum, dum, honey what have you done

Dum, dum, dum, it's the sound of my gun

Dum, dum, dum, honey what have you done

Dum, dum, dum, it's the sound, it's the sound...

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah....

Janie's got a gun

Janie's got a gun

Her whole world's come undone

From looking straight at the sun

What did her daddy do?

What did he put you through?

They say when Janie was arrested

They found him underneath a train

But man, he had it comin'

Now that Janie's got a gun

She ain't never gonna be the same

Janie's got a gun

Janie's got a gun

Her dog day's just begun

Now everybody is on the run

Tell her now it's untrue

What did her daddy do?

He jacked the little bitty baby

The man has got to be insane

They say the spell that he was under

The lightnin' and the thunder

Knew that someone had to stop the rain

Run away, run away from the pain

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Run away, run away from the pain

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Run away, run away, run, run away

Janie's got a gun

Janie's got a gun

Her dog day's just begun

Now everybody is on the run

What did her daddy do

It's Janie's last I.O.U.

She had to take him down easy

And put a bullet in his brain

She said 'cause nobody believes me

The man was such a sleeze

He ain't never gonna be the same

Run away, run away from the pain

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Run away, run away from the pain

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Run away, run away, run, run away

Janie's got a gun

Janie's got a gun

Janie's got a gun

Everybody is on the run

Janie's got a gun

Her dog day's just begun

Now everybody's on the run (Honey, honey what's your problem)

'Cause Janie's got a gun (Tell me it ain't right)

Janie's got a gun (Was it daddy's cradle robbin')

Her dog day's just begun (That made you scream at night)

Now everybody's on the run

Janie's got a gun|||Amy Grant - Ask Me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK6v7pXlG鈥?/a>|||Maybe "Because Of You" By Kelly Clarkson?

EDIT: "Kristy, are you doing ok?" by The Offspring:

Can you stay strong

Can you go on

Kristy are you doing ok

A rose that won't bloom

Winter's kept you

Don't waste your whole life trying

To get back what was taken away

Though the marks on your dress

Have been neatly repressed

I knew that something was wrong

And I should have spoke out

And I'm so sorry now

I didn't know

'Cuz we were so young|||Little Angels, By Rhonda Vincent

While groups like Amnesty International whine about "mistreatment of Muslims", should the focus on...?

The persecution of Copts in Egypt, Maronites in Lebanon, and other Christian minorities being mistreated by Muslims?|||Sadly you are correct. Amnesty International does not seem to recognize that all people should be treated equally regardless of race or religion.|||Amnesty International DOES report on discrimination against Copts - get your facts straight!

Why are Arabs so blind to their own mistreatment of Palestinians?

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/s鈥?/a>|||Because there are traitors and self seekers in every land. We have our Clarence Thomases and Bushes, they have the Falange, and Arab soldiers fighting for Israel. Hamas are religious fanatics, and what people really want is a secular Socialist Palestine. Whatever the reservations about Hamas the Genocide in Gaza must stop. Egypt is also betraying the Palestinians. Some Arabs may be blind, but the misleaders of reactionary Islamic nations, like Egypt , Morrocco and Jordan, know perfectly well what they are doing by sucking up to Israel and the US. They don't want a revolutionary Palestinian force in their midst.|||Arabs are not blind.... You forget something about the situation in the Arab countries... the governments are on one side and the people are on the other... govs are afraid of the US.. people want to step in and do something about all what's happening in Palestine but their gov are not allowing them....

I live in Egypt... see the marches and demonstrations in the streets everyday ... see people in the mosques praying for them everyday... see the huge amounts of aids people are sending everyday......... that's all what the people have to offer..|||The Arab states find it convenient to use the Palestinian cause to bash the west and rile up their own people. However, it is clearly notable that the Arab states (and their influence and money) have essentially done nothing to create an environment where the tensions subside and both parties can focus on a somewhat peaceful coexistence

And, it appears they simply don't care.|||Arabs are tribal in nature. That's neither good nor bad, that's just who they are. There will never be a Pan-Arabic government of any consequence. That's like saying there's going to be an alliance of all the gangs in LA. Some things are just not going to happen.|||Well, many Arabs think of Palestinians as dirt. Weak dirt, seeming that their actions aren't working too well against the Israelites. Still. They prefer them to the Israelites.|||Same reson Liberal mistreat Bush. They don't claim them or him. If they would see that they too are Arabs, and if Liberals would see that Bush too is an American, both would accept.|||Palestinians are and have always been dirt to the Arabs. Open your history books.|||Because they want to blame everything on Israel! It's easier to find a scapegoat than a solution.|||They're not blind, they just think Palestinians are scum.

But they do make great tools to throw at the Jews.|||Jihad takes no prisoners, not even the guards who stand infront of the jail cell|||It's not that there blind they don't care.|||Tunnel vision.|||is called religion and their leaders to church Muslims war era they go

Who wrote about the mistreatment of indians?

Several people...especially the first Americans that came over and began colonizing:

Here's a few:

John Smith


William Bradford


I may add some more links if I find some more.

Mormons I missed church because of mistreatment what did I miss since 1/10/09?

You missed out on numerous spiritual experiences.|||What kind of mistreatment? I was sick on the 10th.

Why do Americans do so much breast-beating about their former mistreatment of blacks ?

But never mention their far worse treatment of Native Americans?|||Excellent question.

I suggest that the reason the genocide of Native Americans is seldom addressed or felt in the breast of Americans is because the Native Americans are still held captive.

No Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No great Native American leader.

Americans like to think of the Native Americans as a satisfied group well taken care of by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.|||Who? You? I don't hit my chest. You shouldn't do that. Not good for the ticker.|||Far worse? I won't judge that. But I will suggest that if this is your feeling you should get involved with a group that advocates better treatment of Native Americans. You could be the one voice that causes a change in peoples thinking.|||who knows, I find it racist and disgusting.|||Mistreatment of blacks is from recent memory and there has been no real paying of that debt.

Native Americans own part of the land within the borders of the US and the wars were a long time ago. The problem is invisible. The probelm between white and black Americans is still very visible.|||You see, it was actually the European colonials at the time that drove the native indians off their lands and enslaved the black Africans by sending ships over and kidnapping them by the thousands.

We Americans did not rid ourselves of the european curse until we abolished slavery and brought in the civil rights movement. Then we could say we are Americans.

But until then it was the barbaric europeans with their history of world conquering and colonialization that deserve that brand.

Better take a look at your own barbaric history before you throw stones. What happened to Ireland in the 1600's?

You're an idiot. maybe you're chinaman if so mind your own business and worry more about your own repressive communist regime and remember Tianamen Square|||What exactly do you mean?

Could it be it's not breast-beating but re-thinking and re-assessment. (At least I hope so.)|||There isnt a large enough native american population to make themselves heard and they dont seem to run around crying racism at every opportunity like some people do. Agent 86, how you could call anyone an idiot is beyond me YOU are european by decent and if it wasnt for 'barbaric europeans' your ancestors wouldn't have found america and turned it into the wonderfully corrupt egomaniac of a continent that it is today! (whats that saying about he that lives in a glass house should not cast stones?)|||I'm an American man, and I don't feel guilty or remorseful about anything I didn't do. I never killed any Indians, enslaved any Negroes, or oppressed any women, for that matter. How silly it is for people to feel responsible for something that happened before they were ever born!|||Nether was is right but well into the 1960s Jim Crow laws and phony tests kept blacks at the bottom of the economic ladder. In 1945 German POW could sit any where he wished in a Texas theater but a Black Combat Veteran would have to sit it the balcony.

Tammi Dee|||I guess because like most of humanity they put themselves at the centre of the universe and rearrange the furniture in their collective psyche to make them feel the most comfortable.

I find it amazing how when faced with logical discourse people will duck and weave and wriggle to get out of it . The past is a safe place to dump guilt - the present harder because you still have a chance to do something about it.

I think it also works for the victims too. I am an english person living in ireland and get some hostility towards me re: colonialism and the famine - whenever I say I dont mind being 'english ' for the sake of a discussion everyone backs off and says oh but it wasnt you.|||would this question have any meaning if you changed it to

"Why do Americans do so much breast-feading about their former mistreatment of blacks?"

lmao|||Personally speaking, I'd rather be the descendent of a slave living in the good 'old USA than living in a country like Liberia. Still doesn't excuse the very notion of slavery though.

As time goes on, we realise the full extent of our past crimes. Isn't that what history is about? Learning from mistakes. Slavery has always existed and it was right that it was abolished.

And yes, I do think the Native Americans are a very sore point. As are the aborigines in Australia.|||Agent 86 clearly knows nothing of his own country's history, such as it is. It was still operating a segregation policy until way into the 20th Century - ie Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King et al.

The Americans were one of the last nations t outlaw slavery, and until then had the single largest trade turnover in the world for many many years.

The UK passed the Slave Trade Act outlawing slavery both in the UK and the Empire, as it then was, some time around 1800, and followed up with the Abolition Act in the 1830's. This is shortly after we gave you, the Americans, independence, and bloody good job too.

Even now, in America, the native people are forced to live in "Settlements" in order to continue their ways of life, while the fat, stupid Yanks just wreck up the planet with little or no regard for anyone else.

In answer to the question, however, they do this because they're a bunch of drama queens who find it hard to control themselves without having to go for "therapy".|||I am unsure what history book you're getting your information from but there has been plenty mentionings of what the Native American's faced. Also, the treatment of Native Americans was no where near as bad as the treatment of blacks. True, whole societies of Native Americans were wiped out. But far more blacks were wiped out because enslavement of black people spanned many years longer than enslavement of Native Americans. Not to mention, blacks were imported like beer.. Native Americans were already here and simply defending the right to right to live and breathe in places where they already dwelled.

I am not comparing the black plight verses the Native American's because enslavement of any people is wrong. But if you're wondering why there is more light shed on enslavement of blacks, I believe it's because the mentality towards blacks is more than negative than the mentality towards Native Americans. Blacks were called *******s but I can't say I know a nationally known derrogatory name of Native Americans. Blacks had leaders to fight for them. Native Americans may have had them but unless you learned on your own, outside of the public school system, you didn't read about any.|||I am fascinated by the fact that most Americans have no idea that it was an African who sold the first black slaves from Africa to the Portugese who in turn sold them to the Spaniards who were colonizing South America and then the Dutch picked them up from the Portugese and from the same African King, (Mafa Musa) And finally to the English settlers. Native Americans also used slavery, when one tribe captured another they would make slaves of the looser. This is a concept that has been going on for centuries. Women have always been used as slaves. It was not until "the burning bed" that men began to re-think this concept. The point is that no society is exempt from the slavery mentality. As long as there are ignorant people in the world there will be slavery. Most African Americans do not bother to take the time to explore their own hisatory. I think everyone should look at history and accumulate as much information as possible on it in order to avaid the mistakes of the past. We focus on Black slavery because they have better lobbyists in DC than the Native AMericans do.

I find it ironic that many people do not seem to notice the similarity between what happened in Lebanon and Isreal and the situation between the Native Americans and the European Americans. Palistine claimed the land for 2000 years as the European AMericans have claimed this land for 200 years. Isreal comes back and takes their land back from the people who lived there for all those years. What would happen if the Native AMericans d4ecided to take back their land that was taken from them? If it is ok for Isreal to claim their vacant for 2000 years land than surely Natives can claim what was taken from them in the last 200 right?|||Excuse me how would I know about running tribes from their lands, giving them blankets with small pox to kill them, feeding them sugar to rot their teeth, trading with not food but fire water, how about white man speak with fork tongue. (liars) about reservations, being put in traveling shows, women being sold from tribes to be "wives" for those grizzly adams settlers. Being forced to go to white american schools to learn how to be good americans and catholics because they were savages, but basicly to be referred to as savages now that is a real low for even white americans, well no, I haven't found anything white people are not to low to do. It was the indians who showed white folks to oregon and all they got for it was to be slaughtered and their land taken. I think I know more about Indians than they know about me and I am black. I think I learned that in school. You can't learn everything picking and choosing what day you will learn in school. I am sorry black people are stupid and are ignorant and don't know anything and so on and so forth so I guess I am not living in my steriotype. Get back home girl. LOL|||you wanna know something black people? White people used you guys to try to murder native americans. And you guys cooperated. You guys could have rebeled and help the north american native americans and fight the white people back. but you chose to stay with the white people to fight native americans. You guys are also given way more oppertunites in society then native americans and you guys blow them off alot of times. And you guys dramataize your conditions when your culture (rap) generates most of these problems.|||There are more black people in the world today than Native Americans, which said A mericans have almost wiped out.

How do you feel about BIG BUSINESS and their history of LYING and MISTREATMENT of Workers? ? ?

How do you feel about Big Business outsourcing labor, lying about the safety of their products, exploiting their workers, exploiting cheaper labor markets around the world, polluting the environment, immorally influencing politics and politicians, their history of anti-workers rights and union busting, their history of tax dodging, insider trader, becoming huge conglomerates, becoming monopolies, and receiving corporate welfare that comes out of tax payers pockets? ? ? ?

You SHOULDN'T feel good about that at all!

Unions have their flaws, but without them, big business would walk all over their employees. Without Unions we wouldn't have a 40 hour work week and there wouldn't be any Child Labor Laws, we wouldn't be entitled to Over Time, Vacation and Sick time or Medical Benefits, or Pensions. Without Unions there would be standards for ergonamics in the workplace, no guaranteed breaks or lunch hours, no standards for working conditions including temperature, etc., and there would be|||That is the American way.|||LOL, marxists are a dern hoot!

a HOOT I tells ya|||It's obvious you favor unions. And they were good in the beginning. But they have outlived their usefulness.

1. This is a free country you can leave your job any time you want. You are not a slave.

2. Read the book "Quit before you are fired".

3. If you are afraid of leaving your job because if what might happen. Consider this. What would happen if the company you work for folded?

4. Unions can still have a good function--Go to those countries that don't have them and start some. That way the wages will go up there and they can afford to buy US goods.